Saturday, February 11

DIY (A bit vintage huh?) Ring


You'll need:

  •  An old ring or a ring template (how do you call these things?)
  • Rhinestones or fake cristal, pearls, whatever you'ld like on your ring
  • Glue
  • Paper (an old newspaper will do just fine)
  • A paint-brush
  • Tweesers
  • Scissors

(I' using 'Kraft Universal' glue)

Step 1:
Put some glue on the rhinestones (or whatever you're using) AND on the ring (template !haha!)
On my glue it says 'put a thin layer of glue on the both sides and let dry for 10 minutes. then gently push together'  Do whatever it says on the back of your glue..

Step 2:

Put them on the ring where you want them, let dry and


My rhinestones have a back (like a metal thing or something). And scissors are on the list of stuff you'll need because if you have those little metal tings on your rhinestones you might want to take them of (I didn't). And i haven't got those little things you actually do it with so I would do it whit scissors. Hope that made sense!?

Have fun :)

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