Saturday, August 25


I'm back. For a little while. I'm never here because I have another blog (in swedish) I just started it.
I found something awesome today. Iphone cases. I don't mean the plastic ones you buy, well I do but..
 Okey.. Todays DIY!!

You'll need:

An Iphone
A transparent case

What you're gonna do is that you'll print some templates and put them under your transparent iphone case.
And i loved it sooooo much that i made 41 of them for you!!
just click and download the pictures, print, cut and GO!

BTW!!!! The pictures have weird names (Like lalpsjfoidsjfoaisj.jpg) because I didn't know what to call em.
And also Print one first and try if it fits before you print 1000000000.... of em (if they don't fit just change the size). Have fun. Have no picures because my Iphone is at my mothers. Picures later, promise.

Here they are:

I hope you like em!!