Saturday, October 13

Haha, a bit crazy :)

And yes, I do relise that it's just october and I'm already doing the christmas series, but comon I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I mean it's: presents, family, cold & WARM, snow, light(?), and you can freeze with your friends at the busstop and then come home have a hot choclate and a bath. mmm.. ain't it just wonderful?

The Christmas Series: 2# Wrapping

If you have a present, next step: WRAP IT! Want to be crative? Check out this list of gift wrapping tutorials :)

Neon Polka Dotted Favors

DIY Colour-Burst Gift Tags


There are SO many more... Maybe I'll post some more closer to Christmas :)

Thursday, October 11


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Spoliler alert ###

Ha, not really but I'm just gonna let you know that the next of winter/Christmas series is coming up this weekend.. Have a great Friday you all <3