Friday, March 2

It's sunny where I am. I've already burned myself in the sun. And I feel... SUMMER.

But it seems to me that I'm in desperate need of inspiration. And although I went through and through my closet I couldn't find a single item I was ready to sacrifice for a redo or a... yeah, well I don't know really.

Those days I find myself wondering about the blog, tutorials and the hundred e-mails you guys have sent me. I've find a solution to my problem. It's a simple answer. I DON'T KNOW!!

<I can't do tutorials to you guys because I don't seem to own a camera good enough to take pictures and upload them...>

So i decided to write a little about myself, here it is...

My name is Isabella (not really, mohahaha)
I'm 15 I live in Sweden and I like crafting (yes, i mean it)
well there is not much to tell besides, obviously, I suck at english.
Yeah that's it :)

Coming up next:

Crafts for summer...

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