Wednesday, October 10

I wanna be warm this winter :)

So now the winter's almost here and I'm already freezing.. Here are some ideas that will warm you on those dark winter nights.

1. First of all you want your Ipod to be warm, don't you?

2. Well I think this hat is more for fall than winter, but still..

3. I love these. They are so cute...

4. Ha,, Soo cute :)
Crochet: Sheep earmuffs for kid.

5. Somebody want to make these for me? :D Legwarmers is just classic winter.. 

6. You do want to keep your cup warm..

If I find any more you'll be the first to know :)
Goodnight now..


  1. hi isabella! thanks for including our mug cozy!
    i also like the other items you found, especially the leg warmers. take care and stay warm :)

  2. Love these ideas! Thanks for linking to my hat!


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