Sunday, February 2

I´m back :)

Yeah, you got it right. I'm back!!
First of I've got a tutorial for you. Got a lot of rings? Me too, well not a lot but at least ten.

At first I put my "fine" jewelry in a pretty bowl-like thingy.

Pretty, yes. But well I like this more:

And it's also good for traveling.

It's suuuuper easy to make. 5 minutes.

You'll need:

A little box (got mine for christmas with a little jewelry),
Some fabric (I used some ballerina flat socks, bet you could use normal and just cut them in half)
And finally some rings

(you could use glue if you are sure you'll never want to use the box for anything else)

So basically this is what you do>

Cut fabric, roll it up, stick it in a box. Voila, you're done.

I even made it work in the round bowlish thing.. :D


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